Our Method

We train our Knights through tasks, tests, & quests. Each degree is progressively more challenging, but entirely worth the effort. Our Order is not for the person who is looking for a quick 'tap-on-the-shoulder-and-now-you're-a-Knight,' but rather for the more serious student of Christian chivalry who wishes to not just act the part, but BE the knight he was called to be. Each member will work with their mentor to create their own personal path, but within a standardized framework. This allows each path to be personal, purposeful and powerful.

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the Seeker ↷

You'll enter the Order as a Seeker. While it is true that the term 'page' is consistent with the motif of knighthood, the word is associated with a child - you're not a child, but are a Seeker of chivalrous virtue. You'll be given some preliminary tasks and a test in order to be recognized as a Squire.

the Squire ↷

Part of the purpose of becoming a Squire is to make sure that you are truly ready to become a Knight. You may lose interest in this noble quest or you may decide that the road is too difficult. You must fully understand that chivalry & knighthood are a way of LIFE. This isn't just a club, or an honorary title, rather a commitment to live a moral, noble and serving life. As a Squire, you'll be given three tasks and within the first task are six tests of character. After your first task of the six tests you'll have the task of a pilgrimage, and finally the task of a vigil.

the Knight Errant ↷

Once invested as a Knight Errant, you'll select a Quest to pursue during your career. As was true of the knights portrayed in medieval romances, the knight is expected to commit to the completion of at least one Quest and it is not something to be taken lightly.

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