Proclamation of the Independent Order of Kingdom Knights

As the recent course of human events and civil conditions has demonstrated the dreadful moral conditions of our society, it has become necessary for our community of common mind and purpose to establish an independent order of knighthood and to assume among the historical and modern orders, our separate but Equal station. Men must necessarily be controlled by a power from within or from without; either by the Laws written on their hearts or by despotism. Witness the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, injustice, and oppression and these stem from a neglect of the precepts contained in the Laws of Nature’s God. When a society spurns the very definition of goodness, morality, life and pure love, and instead tolerates and promotes bad behavior, indecency, murder and hate; it is our right, our duty, to throw off such ideals and provide new Guards for our future security by creating a new Knighthood for our age.

Encompassing our noble quest is the call of Christian chivalry which unites us without the need of sovereign conventions, institutions or governments, but rather a Divine call to the heart, a common purpose, a noble cause and a common bond. The establishment of our Order is based on the need for the virtuous practice of chivalric ideals and their continued relevance within our society, and the ability of an inspired, albeit modest, order of modern knights to have a positive effect on our human condition.

The laws and conventions of historical chivalric orders notwithstanding, and with a high regard to the legitimacy of their respective fons, we assert the unalienable Right to form an independent order of knighthood for the purpose of ensuring that the virtues, values and objects of Christian Chivalry are maintained and employed as a vanguard in our future prosperity. As Kingdom Knights we persistently prove ourselves worthy of knighthood by engaging in the everlasting Quest of the highest ideals of Christian Chivalry.

Recognition of chivalric orders of knighthood is typically connected to a historical fons honorum of either a sovereign or religious house. We extol the past glories of these chivalric orders as they are woven into the fabric of history; their present glories woven into current human events and they should be lauded. But when a company of people pursue a heart-felt common purpose to instill the Christian aspects of chivalric virtues into contemporary society, and their efforts are lost in the exclusivity of the regulations governing so-called legitimate recognition, it is their right, it is their duty to discard such conventions of recognition and combine their individual efforts in the creation of an order more likened to their ideals and their calling.

Examine therefore, our claim as fraternal knights and inspired individuals, that by the authority of our noble calling and everlasting Quest, we solemnly publish and proclaim, that the Independent Order of Kingdom Knights, and of right ought be a Free, Independent and Recognized order, and by virtue of our actions stemming from the deepest desire to promulgate the values of Christian chivalry under the guidance of Christ, our Knight Exemplar, claim as our fons honorum the one article that cannot and should not be challenged, which is the calling of the Divinely inspired human spirit to unite in common dignity and purpose for this just cause.

We mutually pledge to each other our Sacred honor in this endeavor.

† NMSM †