Dream of a world filled with promise, a world embracing our innate morals. There is reason for hope, reason to dream of a world of morality, operating according to the code written on our hearts. WE can help to make it such a world!

Walk in the path of Light and peace, by following His path. We can make a difference by bringing our individual talents and abilities to bear on the encroaching darkness!

Employ the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. The archetype Excalibur had healing properties just as does the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Free this sword of action from the stone of complacency and use it to heal our broken world!

As a member of the Kingdom Knights you'll become a part of a great cause, build relationships with like-minded individuals, learn about Christian chivalry and the virtues of becoming a knight, and be challenged to become the person God intended.

Some of the many benefits of Membership:

  • Being a part of a great cause to restore the concept of Christian chivalry to a secular culture
  • A deeper appreciation of honor, respect and virtue
  • Greater confidence in any social situation because you honor God first, and do not seek to impress, but to serve others
  • The potential of training others to be knights once you become one yourself
  • Learning how to apply the 12 Virtues and Laws to your life
  • Experiencing the thrill of pilgrimage, quest, and to test your mettle by trial
  • Deepening your faith by understanding how your Christian values affect the world around you
  • Increasing your level of volunteerism
  • Demonstrating your faith by example
  • Lasting friendships
  • A personal mentor who will walk beside you on your path to knighthood, and beyond.
  • A celebration of your knighthood, the accolade will be remembered as a turning point in your life. This is the point when you have committed to serving in His Kingdom as His knight!

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What are the Requirements for Membership? ↷

To become a Kingdom Knight the candidate must agree to the tenets of the Apostle's Creed, embrace the idea of making Christian chivalry a part of their daily life, have 'the heart of a knight' and be willing to embark on his or her personal journey to knighthood.


Will I really be a 'Knight'? ↷

The word knight illustrates a strength and a purpose that is historically associated with the chivalric ideal. It is that ideal combined with the Christian ideal that we strive for, and the term knight conveys the image and values we seek to achieve. We mean no disrespect of the title from historical Orders of knighthood. Ours is an honorific title from peers within an organization that has as its own fons honorum: "the calling of a divinely inspired human spirit to unite in common dignity and purpose for this just cause." Although not recognized as a 'legitimate' order of knighthood, you will be recognized as a Knight by the other members, and in the truest sense you will be a Knight of the heart.

What is a 'passage donation' and how much is it? ↷

Historically, a passage fee was a donation given by a newly dubbed knight in celebration of his investiture into the knighthood. During the Crusades a passage fee, known as droit de passage (literally, 'right of way') was used to cover the cost of travel to the Holy Land. In our case, your one-time donation of $28 gives you the 'right-of-way' to access all of the resources of This includes access to members-only forums, fellow members who are walking a similar path, mentors, materials for download, a handsome 'Patent of Knighthood' (when you complete the Work), a lapel pin of the Order's seal, and more.

Know that your donation is helping to fund this entire effort, and is much appreciated!

Are there Secret Rituals, Degree Work, Lessons? ↷

We do have tasks, tests and quests for advancement through the degrees, but they are based upon real world objectives. We don't have any secret rituals, but we do have a ceremony we follow when investing a squire or when giving the accolade. We don't dress in armor or have re-enactments of swordplay. Kingdom Knights is about Christians seeking the company of other Christians while working to move Christian chivalry from idea, to reality within our culture. That being said, Life is a lesson, and we learn from doing.

How much of my time will this take? ↷

Our most precious commodity these days seems to be time, and how we apportion our time is crucial. Some have described an ideal that we use 8 hours for our vocation, 8 hours for rest and 8 hours for the service of God. Although this is a noble idea, it is far from the reality of our vocations typically taking up more than 8 hours; and with family commitments, social engagements and our physical need for rest, often our time in the service of God is sacrificed. We need to take charge of how our time is being spent. Your time is yours, you decide how involved you want to be. Moving through the degrees is self-paced between you and your mentor. The time frame varies.

How involved will I need to be? ↷

As Benjamin Franklin once stated, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." You chose the level of your involvement and commitment. This is for you—your personal Quest. We are here for you.

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