We have resources available... from Books and 'Shareables', to Supplies and 'Wearables'!

Some of our resources are available to members-only (you'll be able to see those links once you register).

We have a link to a book you'll need for your membership. The book is Knight of the Grail Code, and it captures the essence of Christian chivalry.

In the Shareables section, we'll place items that may be of interest for you to share (you can also share some of our blog articles to facebook if you find them of interest) You can always check our facebook page for more.

The Supplies section will contain items of interest such as journals, pens, etc. ...simple ides to help you keep track of your quests and journeys.

The Wearables section will contain items to wear such as t-shirts, pins and some nice ideas for ties that capture the colors of the Order.

Please feel free to send us a note if you see something we should be sharing!